Have you ever thought about this idea that the way you live your life is determined by your priorities?

In my mind, I have my priorities straight or so I think I do. I have this set list of what’s important to me and in an order. Yet, in reality, I’m confused because the things that are important to me seem not as important.. When we say we choose family over friends, do we really? Is work more important or are your friends more important? This past month I feel like I haven’t been cherishing my friends enough. From ignoring their texts because of work to refusing to go out because I’m tired, it makes me feel bad. Maybe this is part of growing up. I feel like I’m starting to gain this certain mentality. I’m not sure if it’s good or not, but for sure, I think I’m selfish. I used to want to please everyone and would just live my life as a shadow. It’s different now. Maybe cause of work, I interact with so many different types of people everyday. I feel like there’s a certain time when people need to start considering their own future. Although it’s sad, there may be a time when the people surrounding you may not be there anymore. I guess, it may be the right way of thinking, but I sure feel fucked up ._.

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